Corporate services

LEADLEX team of professional lawyers having a long-term experience in corporate, tax,  contract and employment law. We provide all corporate services needed to establish and run your business.
  • Legal address for the company in Estonia;
  • The services of a qualified contact person in Estonia;
  • Mail handling and forwarding;
  • Rental of physical office space in Tallinn or another city;
  • Certified company documents and translation;
  • Payment account opening assistance.
  • Licenses and permits;
  • Changes in the Commercial Register;
  • Assistance in acquiring or transferring shares in Estonian companies;
  • Drafting and submitting required corporate documents, decisions and agreements (incl notarized);
  • Helping to prepare various transactions with our Notary Public;
  • Business and financial consultations on operations in Estonia;
  • Giving legal and taxation opinions on business transactions.

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