Company in Estonia

The benefits of Estonian company

0% corporate tax

Income tax for an Estonian company is 0%, which makes it possible to invest in business development without significant tax losses.

e-Residency program

Allows to ease up incorporation and company management. Everything can be done online and 95% of tax declarations are filed online.

low capital requirement

The minimum share capital for a private limited Estonian company is €2,500. If the founder is a natural person, than the share capital contribution could be postponed.

Low costs

There is no mandatory condition to pay a salary to the company’s director and there are no salary requirements. There is no annual state fees to keep the company alive.

Access to EU market

Estonia is a member of the European Union. European people and companies are inclined to purchase products and services from European-based partners rather than from residents of other countries. 

Easy administration of companies

It is possible to manage the company remotely if the owner has an e-Resident card.

How to register a company in estonia?

The most common forms of business in Estonia are private limited company (OÜ), public limited company (AS) and sole proprietor (FIE)

There are 3 ways:

1. Company registration in Estonia with an e-Resident card. Term: 1 working day

2. Company formation in Estonia (OÜ) by a visit. Term: within 5 working day

3. Opening a company in Estonia with a power of attorney. Term: within 5 working day

If you plan to establish a company, please send us the following information:

— the name of the company (and preferably several options);

— company address (we could provide our address);

— a type of the major business activity of the company;

— the proportion of shares of owners in the company;

— share capital. If the minimum, then for OÜ is 2500 euros. Pay attention, that the Commercial Code allows you not to deposit capital immediately if the founders are natural persons. You can pay it later from the profit or etc;

— details of the board member and owner (name, surname, date of birth, place of residence, passports);

— who will be the beneficiary (passport, residence address, country of birth);

— contact information of the company (email, phone).

Considering that the company will be managed by non-resident, according to the Estonian Commercial Code, you must have a contact person in the company. Our company has the license to provide this kind of services.

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