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We will answer within 1 working day

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    You send requested information to us
    You send requested information to us

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    We Complete The Work

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    Company is registered
    Company is registered

    By rule, the company registration takes from 1 to 7 working days


    Frequently Asked Questions

    All Estonian companies must have an Estonian address, but there is no requirement to have an actual office in Estonia. Our company provides a registered address as well as virtual office services (if requested). The latter includes secretarial services, e.g. call handling. In case of a virtual office you will receive a unique Estonian landline number and handling of inbound calls is done according to your instructions. Mail forwarding electronically is provided to all clients who order the registered address service.

    According to Estonian laws a shareholder can be either a legal entity or a private person. The legal entity who is the shareholder need not to be registered in Estonia. The board member can only be a private person.

    Please note that e-Residency is available only for private persons – a legal entity can incorporate the company only on the basis of Power of Attorney or at the time when the legal entity’s representative visits Estonia.

    The program provides holders of e-Residency with a transnational digital identity. This identity allows them access to a platform built on inclusion, legitimacy, and transparency.  E-residents also have access to the EU business environment and can use Estonian public e-services.

    People from across the globe choose to become e-residents so that they can run a trustworthy, location-independent EU company online with all the tools needed to conduct business worldwide.

    For example, e-residents can:


    • Set up and manage a location-independent company online from anywhere in the world
    • Establish a trusted EU company online in one day
    • Manage the resulting company fully online
    • Apply for a business bank account and conduct secure e-banking
    • Access international payment service providers (Paypal, Braintree, etc.)
    • Digitally sign and transmit documents
    • Declare Estonian taxes online

    No, you do not have to be an e-resident. However, kindly note that in case you do have an Estonian e-Residency card, we will be able to establish the company directly and remotely on your name. Estonian e-Residency also provides an opportunity to administer the company from anywhere in the world, digitally sign documents and contracts, declare Estonian taxes online and use online banking. The average processing time for e-Residency is one month, but it may vary based on demand and pickup location. We are glad to provide assistance with the e-Residency application.

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